By proactively managing the people side of change, you dramatically increase the chances that the transformation process will succeed.


It’s well-known that the component of change that is hardest to get right is the one most likely to lead to eventual failure: managing the impact on people. In order to get colleagues on board, you need to develop an intuitive understanding of their mindset, behaviours, skills and ways of working, so that your transformation works in tandem, rather than in competition, with those you need to engage.

Does this sound like you?

“We’ve got a change process but we’re in danger of leaving our people behind.” 
“Are we delivering on the right outcomes?” 
“This is more difficult than we thought.” 

What’s the approach?

People-centred, thorough, methodical, pragmatic, accountable, performance driven.

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  • Proven methodology makes the process familiar and fundamentally human.

  • Distinctive focus enables people to make the process work.

  • Engages leadership and reinforces their critical role in the transformation’s success.

Why work with Learn To Grow?

Christina is a certified PROSCI® practitioner with over a decade of hands-on experience of leading organisational change in some of the world’d leading businesses. But what clients notice is how she has an uncommon, authentic way of understanding people and relationships. (Link to testimonials here.)