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By defining your strategy and centring it on people, you make your intentions, choices and focus concrete. So you can galvanise support and engage everyone in activating it.


When people can see themselves in the future story of the organisation, they are more likely to play an active part in it. And if things need to evolve to meet the challenges on the horizon, a clear strategy will help build alignment and a common roadmap by articulating what needs to happen and what it will take to succeed.

Does this sound like you?

“We have a document but we don’t have a shared sense of direction.” 
“We're keeping busy with lots of activities but are we having the right impact? “
“We need to find a way of putting HR and the business on the same page.”


What’s the approach?

Holistic, systemic, connected, inclusive and tailored to your organisation.

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  • We partner with you to develop the right strategy creation processes, from the ground up.

  • As we go, we collectively build the strategic thinking capability within your organisation.

  • We ensure that our strategy takes account of external insights and trends, rather than works in a vacuum.

Why work with Learn To Grow?

From consumer goods to not-for-profit organisations, Christina has over a decade of direct experience of partnering with leaders in the strategy creation process. She has a strong track record of enabling successful execution, by intuitively knowing how to generate buy-in and galvanise support.

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