By nurturing and activating the full potential of the talent in your teams, you invest in one of your organisation’s biggest competitive advantages.


With whole industries being disrupted or transformed at unprecedented speed, talent has emerged as an increasingly precious and stabilising resource. The link is crystal clear between the strategic ambition of a business, the way that business is led and the way learning and talent development fuels organisational development. So, shouldn’t we act on this?

Does this sound like you?

“Do we have the capabilities needed to be successful not just today, but tomorrow?”
“Our performance as a team isn’t where it needs to be. We’re losing ground. And time.”
“People have left because they say they don’t have the opportunity to develop their careers.” 

What’s the approach?

Future focused, manager owned, pragmatic, holistic, effective.

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  • With strategy as the focus, we define the capabilities the organisation will need to deliver on it.

  • Managers are key to developing and retaining talent so this exercise places them front and centre stage.

  • We go beyond training - this is a tactic, not a strategy in itself.

Why work with Learn To Grow?

Christina is an ex Head of Talent and Learning at one of the world’s largest organisations. She has over a decade of experience in designing and leading organisational development initiatives. She’s also a life-long fan of learning herself. 

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